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Salton Seashore

Just a final few shots from a couple rolls I just got back!

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Totally Random Fall Photo Roundup

I’ve been everywhere, man.

September- An excellent weekend in Bend

October-Portland, OR - Long Beach, CA with my nephew, who whipped out a pair of sunglasses before we'd even gotten out of the plane, because someone told him that Californians always wear them.

October - Photographing Occupy Portland


November- Trying to photograph high school football at LaSalle's playoff game.


La Salle's team won in the very last seconds of the game.


November- the Lloyd Center Mall


November- a candle light vigil for 13 year-old Julio Cesar Marquez, who was murdered at an East Portland skate park. I didn't get through photographing this without crying.

November- A young relative of Julio Marquez mourns for him at the vigil.

December- Homeless dogs try to stay warm downtown.

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Beach Scapes

Just before  my sister’s wedding, I went totally off the map- consumed at first by wedding prep, then family togetherness and the wedding itself, then with a series of quick trips- down the coast with my parents,  up to B.C., and camping and rafting in the Gorge.  The sun has more or less disappeared, so I’m back now, showing my freckly face at the gym, redoubling job and career efforts, researching new projects, and slowly but surely working my way backwards through the massive accumulation of images I racked up on my adventures.

I virtually never take pictures of anything that’s holding still, but while visiting the Oregon Coast with my father and step-mother (who live in the high desert in CA), I found myself drawn to making all these little micro-landscapes of things I found on the beach near Florence, OR.

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Northwest Local

“Instead of having one of those weird drunken parties where everyone wears a bedazzled wife beater and a little veil, and waves inflatable penises around,” said my sister, “Let’s just go rafting.”

I asked my good friend Dave, a deeply committed river rat, if he’d be willing to lend his professional expertise to a floating bachelorette party, and, being a man who knows a good deal when he hears one, he happily agreed to get our clueless, land-lubbing (presumably bikini-clad) asses down the river.

Only, it might have turned out not to be such a sweet deal, for the dudes at least.  Between the time we started planning and the time it happened, prettty much all of the prospective single ladies got tied up. Or knocked up.  So it became a co-ed trip, and then, a total sausage-fest.  Not that I’m complaining.  Sorry guys.

In the meantime, Dave and his friends managed to coordinate a total-campground takeover, which, courtesy of the wonderfully fun and generous crew of Ninkasi Brewing, came complete with four- count them, FOUR kegs of fantastic Ninkasi brew,and  a dance party in the forest.  There was a huge crew of seriously friendly and fun-loving people,good food everywhere.

There was rafting, dancing, sun-bathing, one of the best swimming holes ever, cliff-jumping, fresh trout (well, a little…) and so much laughing that it actually started to get kind of exhausting.   What a weekend.  I can’t possibly top it, so I’m thinking about just crawling in bed until it’s time to go camping again.

I only shot one roll of film, on my trusty Olympus Trip 35.  There nearly wasn’t any record at all- minutes before we left to go rafting, I decided to throw my camera back in the tent.  Good thing I did- we collided with a boulder and got dumped in the river, but that is a story for another blog.

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The Miracle Roll

Way back in December, I bought a vintage Olympus Trip 35 on eBay for ten bucks.

I discovered that the ASA dial slipped really easily, making it difficult to get consistent exposures, and soon forgot about it. Six months passed. I pulled it out again, thinking, “This film is gonna expire before I finish the roll…” and knocked off a bunch of shots just to use it up.

While rewinding it, something just didn’t feel right.  I hid it under a picnic blanket, popped it open,  discovered that the film had wound itself all the way out of the casing, and slammed it shut again as quickly as I could.

At the lab, I had the technician unload it for me just for the hell of it.  When it got processed, it somehow was accidentally pushed a stop.  So imagine my surprise when I got back the ancient roll of film which had been shot on novelty camera, exposed at the wrong settings, then exposed to daylight, broken during loading, and developed incorrectly, and discovered that all but about five of the frames had come back in great condition!  Even the ones that  got blasted when i opened the camera actually looked kind of cool.

So here it is kids, a random sample from the indestructible miracle roll.

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